Here's the details!

Freedom Union Records is a non-exclusive promotional label with upcoming underground artists! We're here to help those who have a unique sound and professional attitude. We support all pro-active musicians trying to advance their careers in ALL GENRES. We strive to weed out the easily satisfied and create a scene of hard working artists.

Being with a promotional label gives you the stepping stone advantage. You can use the label to help your endeavors and attract industry professionals, more fans, sponsors and more, and also to gain great hook-ups! And if a bigger label comes along you're free to sign! You have the freedom to do what you want! We want all our artists to go on to great things and use our hook-ups to get there so we can say we helped!

All of our artists receive the following on-going benefits:
(more specials, discounts and affiliations coming!)

Ongoing exposure from the 1,000+ daily traffic we receive here at Freedom Union Records! The promotion plans from Capacity Productions and our upcoming events, reviews and more, guarantees the exposure keeps growing!

ALL regular Promo Plans upgraded to Xtra Package Plans
at! for FREE!
That gains double the results on all promo plans!

25% off ALL CP Graphics/Web needs!

2 songs placed for FREE at!

Pay only $25 an hour, engineer included, on any projects (recording, mixing, mastering, in-house or via mail-in or e-mail) at CrushStudios! contact us for details

(more specials, discounts and affiliations coming soon!)

If you would like to be on the Freedom Union Records roster and take advantage of all the hook-ups, then goto our Submit page. Read in detail what it takes to submit and lets take things to the next level!