Here's How To Submit!

Before Submitting, Please Goto Our "Details" Page And Read In Detail,
Then Read Below Thoroughly.

Freedom Union Records is looking for hard working bands, rappers, soloists and djs of ALL GENRES. The following will increase chances of acceptance:

-Facebook Fanpage page with 1000's of likes and/or a professional website
-Good quality recordings of original music
-Any press (CD reviews, interviews, print or online)
-Good looking photos, logos, art, etc.

If you have these things going on, then you are ready to submit!
Due to the High Volume of Submissions, we have a one time,
100% Money Back Guarantee if not approved,
submission fee of $55 via PayPal below.

After Payment You Will Be Redirected To The Submission Form Page.
Fill out the form and give us 72 hours to review and reply.
If you are Not Approved the payment will be returned. If you Are Approved you will be added to the site, sponsor affiliations and contacted with more details!
It's that simple! Submit Now!
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